What qualities to see in an event planner before hiring them

What qualities to see in an event planner before hiring them

There are good event management planners and newbie event management planners, but no good newbie event planner. Organizing an event is a stressful job which needs coordination skills, time management skills, passion, organizing skills and flexibility.

People hiring an event organizer must be careful while choosing them, as the success of an event is solely depends on them.

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If an event organizer is not passion about what he is doing, then presumably he is wasting both of your time. Passion is a must qualities that you should have to look before choosing them to organize an event. Unlike an experience or time management, it is hard to measure someone’s passion, but it doesn’t mean it is impossible.

You can check how well they are passionate about event management just by analyzing or reviewing their previous project, if possible you could also refer previous client’s experience and satisfaction.

People skill:

Event management is never a single man’s task. The perfect event can be organized well with better team work. Organiser must possess great people skill to make their team work unified.


Organiser must act as a professional at any cost. Diverging from their professionalism to engage and have fun in an event like consuming alcohol can affect overall team’s coordination and can become a drawback for a client hosting the event and for the attendees attending an event.

Time management

Management of time and tackling it on emergency situation can be a life saving thing when you hire an accomplished event managing person. He must be a person with a number of back up plans and supporting ideas to manage any awful situation that rises during an event.


Experience organizer must be flexible to fulfil client’s need and request, but at the same time they must also be ready to say “No” when things are impossible and tedious to do. Everything doesn’t happen as it is planned so they must be flexible to handle any situation.

To sum it all up, expertise in event management is what makes a good event planner and hunting them to organize your event is a bit trickier. If that is a case you can often opt out help from best Event Management Company in Chennai like SM creation.

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